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spell book progressP1050398P1050402medieval book 3P1050697cuckoo clock 1cuckoo clock detailcuckoo clock detail2

Working closely with Gina Cromwell set dectorator  and  buyer Sue Morrison on Starz “Outlander” series since 2013 , we have been supplying the production with a number of highly detailed  props and replicas. euwincasino

We were therefore delighted to have some of these makes highlighted at https://www.outlandercommunity.com/

This beautifully designed and presented website is the official series website and includes all kinds of behind the scenes production details and images.

The work has always been challanging but deeply rewarding  due to the level of detail  and period authenticity that is always required.

Master Raymond Book of spell features in episode 206 on the INSIDER section of the site .

We helped to develop the design and made the 17 century Cuckoo Clock which is shown episode 204.

Many more items made for the series including the  skull pocket watch and apothecary box can be seen in the prop section of our  portfolio .