Moctezuma Head dress feature

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Our work features in an article by Ian Mursell on the Mexicolore website about the making of the
Aztec King Moctezuma II’s Feather head dress.
Other images of the project can be seen in the Costume props section of this website.

Reconstructing Moctezumas Headdress
Back in 2007-08 the BBC and Discovery Channel International commissioned a new docudrama series for TV called ‘Heroes and Villains’, featuring different historical figures, including Napoleon I of France, Attila the Hun, Spartacus, Richard I of England, and… Hernán Cortés. Filmed in Mexico, the episode on Cortés required an actor to play the part of Moctezuma II. Modelmakers Whetton & Grosch and costume designer Ros Little were commissioned to build a reconstruction of his famous headdress.

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