Man Of The Match Trophy Rugby World Cup 2015

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At the end of May 2015 we were approached by the creative team at M-is ltd to help develop and manufacture the Man Of The Match Trophy for the Rugby World Cup. buydnponline

Working from initial design sketches the brief was to mark the anniversary of the birth of the game and to reflect the English craft heritage in elements of the design. Various materials and techniques were discussed, including resins, white metals, bronze and leather. Each piece would be handmade and part of a limited edition run. Despite a very tight deadline we were keen to produce a high quality piece.

With historical leather worker Karl Robinson we developed the shaped leather segments of the opened rugby ball and all 200 of these were hand formed and stitched by Karl himself ! Finished with wax and tallow they were fitted into a bespoke cast base with a specially designed brass plate with stainless steel engineering screws.  The central collection of figures were initially sculpted in wax. Moulds were produced  and sent to Fine art bronze caster Aron Mc Cartney at his workshops in County Durham. Here they were meticulously  cast into bronze. On return to our Twickenham studios the bronze sculptures were  cold patinated , polished and lacquered.

The whole trophy  was brought together with it’s finished etched brass plaque inset into the base  showing the individual fixture details.



A short film was made by the sponsors – this can be viewed here