Amarna Visitor Centre opens

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Designed in 1992 by Mallinson Architects for the Egypt Supreme Council of Antiquities and the Egypt Exploration Society mission to Amarna, directed by Barry Kemp, construction of the museum began in 2005 and the museum was finally  opened in March this year. Photos above courtesy M Mallinson.

Working as part of the team at Eastwood Cook Ltd and in association with Barry Kemp and the comprehensive archive at the EES we produced detailed scale models of 5 of the sites at Amarna to help provide an archaeological interpretation of the life and buildings of the Ancient City of Akhetaten.

Please see images of  all the models in the MODELS section of our portfolio images.

The Royal Tomb of Akhenaten was made as a 1:50 scale cutaway to show a suggested reconstruction of  tomb no 26  at the time of the king’s burial 1350BC

Due to the present day poor state of the tomb interior a combination of references were used to show the complex of  chambers and unfinished passage ways as they might have appeared.

Much of the wall decoration throughout the tomb has been defaced or destroyed so archive line drawings made during the 1890’s and 1920’s, archived at the EES, were used as source material to attempt to recreate the wall paintings with their vibrant colours and distinctive Amarna style. Designs were redrawn by hand, coloured, reduced and applied as decals to the model. Limited  information of the contents survive, other than fragments of two granite sarcophagi, and a few pieces at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Additional  artifacts were shown based on evidence from comtemporay royal tombs, primarliy that of Tutankhamen believed to be Akhenaten’s son. A hugely rewarding but very time consuming project to work on!

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